Current and Past Experience

Prime Contractor:


NAVFAC MidAtlantic – Contract Value $4M

Philadelphia Navy Yard
Design/Build Job Order Contract

NAVFAC Jacksonville, FL – Contract Value $270k

B101 QA Renovation
Provide labor, material, equipment, transportation and supervision to remove existing floor, install concrete flooring, walls, and furniture

NASA/Kennedy Space Center, FL –  Contract Value $3.8M

Replace Payload /Support Facility Roof

NASA/Kennedy Space Center, FL –  Contract Value $650K

Replace Security Headquarter Roof

US Air Force/Patrick Air Force Base, FL – Contract Value $339K

Convert/Repair Bldg 697 HVAC/ Electrical System

Department of Homeland Security-US Coast Guard/Great Inagua, Bahamas – Contract Value $84K

Replace GI Hanger and Hooch 8 Fire Panels

US Army Corps of Engineers – Guantanamo Bay, Cuba – Contract Value $996K

Sustainment, Restoration, Modernization Project

Subcontractors on the following projects

Patrick Air Force Base, FL – Contract Value $50k to $2M

Demolish Child Care Center
-Soft demolition of a 10,000sf child care center

Construct Pavilion and Storage Facility
-Construction of two separate structures, pad foundations, 4″ and 6″ slab and truss erections and roof sheathing

Construct Fire Sprinkler System
-Provided general labor, drywall, painting for sprinkler system replacement

Runway Lighting and Signage
-Provided general labor for lights, signs, and markings on TXWY – Charlie and RWY 02/20

Family Camp
-Provided drywall hanging/finish and final cleaning

Building 533/981 Fire Suspension
-Demolition of ceiling in Building 533/981 for fire suppression system

Renovate AFRC Buildings 607/691
-Provided general labor and demolition for renovation of Buildings 607/691

Rebuild Air Force Marina
-Provided labor for rebuild of marina

Demolition of Working Dog Kennel
-Provided demolition services

Kennedy Space Center, FL – Contract Value $25k to $2M

OSB1 Roof Replacement
-Provided general labor for replacement of roof

Construct Erosion Controls
-Construction and maintenance of erosion protection

Joint Base Andrews, Maryland – Contract Value $55k

Remediation of Mold Airman Dormitories
-Provided the CIH services to accomplish mold remediation